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 Hi Davis here,

You’re here because you are probably looking for how you could or how I managed got my penis enlarged both in girth and length, and if not for that reason, I don't see any other reason you should be here. So, I am glad you found this blog and please do read on to understand what penis advantage offers, how it helped me and to see if it suits you...

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I swear, if you’d have asked me about penis enlargement a few years ago, I wouldn’t have reacted well at all. That’s because I think I’ve probably tried more useless junk than any other guy out there. Pills, suction things, creams, everything. The only thing I didn’t try, thankfully, was surgery. 

Having said that, you’re now reading my uncensored review of what I thought of a product called Penis Advantage and hopefully this review will help out.

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It is time to face the facts, even though women claim they don’t care about size, surveys have shown that women wish their partner had a larger penis. Another survey shows that women would rather go out with friends than have sex.

Perhaps this is because most men cannot go longer than three minutes before ejaculating. This is not enough time to fully satisfy your partner. Sadly, studies also show that 6 out of 10 long-term relationships break up due to sexual problems. If any of these facts is true in your life, there may be a viable solution—the Penis Advantage.

Three years ago, I was much less of a man than I am today. I was doing grunt work at a factory pulling in barely enough money to pay my bills, was single with no prospects in sight, had zero confidence, and was unhappy with the one thing I thought I could never change.

Unless you have a small penis, you may not understand how important size truly is. Every day that passed marked another day that I was fed up and frustrated with myself as a man and it wasn’t long before I realized that my pathetic situation was  due to my lack of self-confidence.

Call me whatever you wish, but I wanted it all. I wanted the good job, the nice house, the gorgeous wife whom I know I can please, I wanted to be the envy of every man in the room, and I wanted a big penis. Now, I have all those things. I’m not saying my twist of fate was completely due to my newly enlarged penis, but I do attribute it to the confidence I needed to take control of my life. Menh, I tried everything, and I do mean everything to increase the size of my penis.

This was all VERY embarrassing for me, but I found a bit relief when I thought to myself, “It’s not like anyone’s going to see it anyway”. But still, considering my penis was only almost as long as my thumb when erect, it was hard to masturbate and get any real pleasure. Now you might be thinking “that’s disgusting”, but I know you may have masturbated too. icon_smile I couldn’t get any pleasure because I could barely stroke my penis. My penis was so small that it was hard to actually get a hold of it with my hand. Then I thought, what if I tried masturbating a different way!

One day I spent the whole night researching on penis enlargement programs, searching Google for terms like natural penis enlargement, how to get a bigger penis, bigger penis without pills, and many others. When I first dabbled into penis enlargement, I knew I wasn’t going to resort to any penis enlargement pills again. It just didn’t seem right. If you just think about it, can you really trust a PILL to enlarge your penis!? I’ve always thought of pills to be nothing but scams, so I never bothered looking them up anymore.

After a few hours of searching, I stumbled on a site that had reviews of the top 5 penis enlargement sites. Penis Advantage was rated #1 on the site. I looked through the site and was a bit convinced enough to want to buy. There was a 60 day money back guarantee, so I thought why not? I paid through PayPal and was taken to the members area right after I paid, and that’s pretty much where my “journey” began.. You can visit the Penis Advantage Site to See

My Results with Penis Advantage

For the amount of time I’ve been doing these exercises, I think my results are nothing phenomenal to be honest. I did these exercises for about 6.5 months.. but I was happy with my results to say the least. I was just happy to know that my penis is ATLEAST in the average zone. I guess I wasn't super impressed because I had high expectations, but as the months went by, I learned that it takes time and it’s definitely no “walk in the park”.

Look at the graph below..


Average Penis Size Chart – Penis Length (Erect)


average 02

Before I started these exercises I was part of the very small percentage (Below 4.00 inches) that you see on the graph above. Fast forward 6.5 months later and I’m now at 5.74 when erect and about 4.20 non-erect. I spent about 5-10 minutes doing these exercises each day and took breaks as I was advised in the members area.

It was definitely hard to stick with the program at first. I just thought all these weird “exercises” I was doing was stupid. I thought to myself “how the hell is doing this going to make my penis any bigger?”. I guess this is the mentality that most people have when they first start the program.. So a lot of them quit only after a week of doing it. If you’re one of those people, I wouldn’t recommend going for Penis Advantage. You’re just going to waste your time and money. If you are OK spending some few minutes each day doing these exercises for a few months and you’re determined, then why not?

Why did I set this blog up?

I know that 90% of the people who visit the Penis Advantage website will most likely search penis advantage review or penis advantage scam on Google, so I made this blog just for you guys. I made this blog after seeing all the so-called “reviews” other websites were giving (read the top). I decided to put this blog together in order to share my story with everyone who cares and to share my experience with the Penis Advantage program.


Penis Advantage Members Area Preview

For your information, I’m not saying in any way you have to believe everything I’ve said on this blog. It’s ultimately up to you whether or not you choose to become a member of Penis Advantage or not. Though I’ve had a few people ask me if I have any proof that I actually AM a member of Penis Advantage.. I’m not sure why you’d need proof of that, but anyways, here’s a screenshot preview I took of the Penis Advantage members area..

does penis advantage work penisadvantage 47

The quality of the screenshots aren’t exactly the best because I’ve re-sized them to fit on the page.


So.. What’s Your Plan?

Everything from here on is your choice. Whatever route you choose to take on your journey to penis enlargement is completely up to you. But just know that if you ever plan to become a member of Penis Advantage today, you can do yourself a favor by saving $30. The normal PRICE is $79.95 but if you use this SPECIAL BONUS OFFER link, you will become a full member with just $49.95. AND you still have your 100% 8-week money back guarantee!

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